Lawndale Christian Legal Center
2020 Annual Benefit 

Lawndale Christian Legal Center’s mission is to show and share the love of Jesus by providing legal services grounded in restorative justice for youth in the Lawndale area.

The vision of the Lawndale Christian Legal Center is to raise up justly treated youth who are embraced by their families and community, restored from trauma, empowered to lead, and free from the criminal justice system.

From its inception in 2010, LCLC has sought to address the complicated nature of youth criminalization through a holistic, community based approach. LCLC serves youth from the Lawndale area, ages 24 and younger, at every point in the criminal justice system: diversion, pre-trial, trial, and any sentencing period of probation, supervision, or parole. We remain with the youth throughout their entire experience with the criminal justice system.

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