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Creative Corner with Alexis Wells-Loneman of 6ixStory Events

Our current environment and the challenges facing our industry have forced many of us to rethink our business operations. We've seen many inspiring stories from friends who have "pivoted" over the past two months. Some of these stories come from planners who have used their creative production expertise to imagine new events, and some of these stories come from suppliers who have changed the way they do business to showcase what they have to offer!

We decided to sit down with these individuals to discover what’s in everyone’s creative corner. This post we are sitting down with Alexis Wells-Loneman of 6ixStory Events and her creation of Pop-Up Parties.

Patrick Crosson: Pop-Up parties… tell us what they are, describe your idea for us!

Alexis Wells-Loneman: These Pop-Up Parties are a unique at-home event that combine a virtual experience with a curated party box. A birthday, milestone event, baby shower, or networking from afar made easy. You can pick your experience, customize it with a theme, and party at your place. Each guest receives a box full of event goodies catered to your special celebration as well as access to a fully managed virtual experience. An exciting way to celebrate with friends, family, and co-workers both near and far. I can help people create virtual events like a crafting party, dance party, mixology class, casino night, trivia night, and give their guests a fun take away with the Pop-Up Party Box.

Patrick: Sounds super fun! How did you come up with this idea?

Alexis: I came up with the idea thinking about the activity boxes that my little sister receives. I realized that people, although doing it from home, are still having birthdays, girls nights, anniversaries, and other milestones. I wanted to provide an opportunity for them to still celebrate those special moments. With the dramatic shift for people within our industry, I thought how can I combine something that showcases the endless talent of our event professionals while supplying an interactive virtual element as well as giving the party guests something hands-on. The ultimate goal being to connect people virtually through fun, engaging experiences.

Patrick: Can you share with everyone a success story from these Pop-Up Party Boxes? Potentially one you’ve recently hosted?

Alexis: I recently did a Girl's Night Candle Making 101 Party. All the girls had a really fun time not only socializing together but learning how to do something new. I gathered their addresses, sent their boxes and they all logged in for a great evening of candles, conversation and a few cocktails.

Patrick: Emphasis on the cocktails I am sure! This is so awesome that you’re able to provide these for celebrations. Do you imagine you will continue hosting these Pop-Up Parties once we “get back to normal”... if that ever happens!

Alexis: I definitely see this being something I will continue to offer. I think it's a new take on what events can be. It's been fun to create and opens the door for those who may not want to, or be able to, celebrate full-scale live events.

Thank you so much to Alexis for sharing her creative corner story! If you’d like to learn more, or potentially host your own Pop-Up Party, feel free to contact Alexis at

Alexis Wells-Loneman

6ixStory Events, Owner

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