About PC XP

We’re a collective boutique agency...

... based out of Chicago, IL. We specialize in B2B events (both in-person and virtual) focused on telling a story or conveying a message to your audiences.

It takes a villiage...

A successful event or experience takes a team of people all working towards the same goal. Whether you need the village leader or a team to support, we can help.


Turning chaos into calm...

We thrive when challenged with multiple tasks and high pressure. We love being the calm in the center of the storm helping direct and guide everything to completion. 

Living a genuine life...

Through all the hard work and chaos, we think it's important to remember we're all people. Respect one another and each others work... and try to have a little fun along the way!

The Collective Approach

For clients that need more than one individual’s skills, but don’t need a full-service agency, the collective has become the new answer to your needs. As a collective, you have a number of folks at your disposal filling all “departments” without having to pay for the costs of overhead. You will have a selected team of producers waiting to bring your vision to life!

Why It Works
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