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Live Experiences

Experience is defined as "something personally encountered, undergone, or lived through". At PCXP we want those "somethings" to be extraordinary, fun, relevant, and memorable. We believe that attendees should still be raving about an event long after they've left the venue. Whether that's endorsing the education they received, keeping in touch with the people they met, praising the culinary, or talking about the stunning décor, entertainment, and activations. The memories created in that experience live on beyond the social media posts, the selfies taken, and the group pics shared.

Virtual Experiences

We saw a dramatic shift to the virtual space in 2020, allowing us to become more comfortable with virtual platforms. We adapted experiences we'd normally enjoy in the physical space to an online space. PCXP quickly became experts in many different types of platforms to help our clients meet their needs, adjust to the pandemic, and bring their visions to life while respecting their brand.

Webinars, Live Streamed Galas, Networking Events, Online Conferences, Video Editing, and more!

We used Zoom, Remo, Hubilo, On24, Teams, Google Meet... the list goes on!

Seeing the need for support that can't be found from the various emerging platforms, we were there for you and with you. . . we created it. . . we produced it. . . we experienced it with you.

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