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2023 Pritzker Forum on Global Cities Case Study

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

About the Event

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping our world.

It can help efficiently deliver social services, identify workforce trends and necessary skills, and provide localized climate predictions. But without ethical and transparent use, AI can easily exacerbate inequalities, intensify surveillance, and imperil democracy.

Now, it’s incumbent upon leaders at all levels to intentionally leverage AI’s potential for the good of society and the planet. This type of impactful leadership is only possible when great minds are converging to share experiences and build a collaborative future.

That's why the Chicago Council on Global Affairs decided the theme of the Pritzker Forum on Global Cities was to be Harnessing AI - Tools for Urban Leaders.

PCXP Involvement

Our team joined forces with the planning team at CCGA to bring this event to life. We assisted in the following areas:

  • Branding and Event Design

  • Onsite Production

  • Registration, Gifting and Travel Management

  • Onsite Staffing

  • Evening Event Management

  • Overall Logistics and Onsite Support

Bringing the Theme to Life

One of the biggest areas of support was imagining AI in our future global cities through event design, signage and branding. Our team supported in identifying the main imagery to utilize throughout the event with the help of AI. We created:

  • All Event Registration Materials

  • Onsite Wayfinding and Signage

  • Stage Backdrop for Main Session Room

  • Branded Decor

  • Activation Branding

  • Digital Branding

  • Environmental Branding

  • Presentation Materials

Supporting CCGA on Event Elements

Our most involved day supporting the CCGA team was day one, which included the Opening Program and the Opening Reception at the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Chicago. Our team supported in developing the overall decor, F&B, and room setup design for the Opening Reception in the 1st Floor Atrium of the museum. Mixing the contemporary art look with the color pallet of CCGA colors, we created a colorful vibe to the space without becoming sensory overload.

The Opening Program took over the entire Theater of 400 seats while using a minimalist approach to stage design. The focal point of the stage was the large built in projection wall that we used three different motion graphic pieces to identify the three main segments to the program. Subtle changes to the designs assisted attendees in visually recognizing the program segments without (again) becoming sensory overload.

During the program we were fortunate enough to have distinguished guests like Mayor Brandon Johnson, Margot Pritzker, and Brenda Wilkerson (President, Three book winners were also announced at the Opening Program. Learn more about the authors awarded here.

About the Chicago Council on Global Affairs

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing knowledge and engagement in global affairs. Their in-depth analysis and expert-led research influence policy conversations and inform the insights they share with their growing community. Through accessible content and open dialogue of diverse, fact-based perspectives, CCGA empowers more people to help shape our global future. Visit their website here to learn more.

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